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Petropack, RAK

This session was attended by Department heads on The importance of  attitude, personality and SEI on employee performance.

The impact of attitude, behavior and SEI on student performance

CAE’s first SRQ initiative in India! (24 August, 2019) On 24th August, 2019, CAE conducted its first SRQ initiative in Chennai, India and this workshop was delivered to over 90 school students  studying in grade 10, 11 and 12 as well… Continue Reading →

Social and Emotional Intelligence: IQ, EQ and Personality

CAE’s first outreach in India (23 August, 2019)! A fantastic day spent with over 45 students and 15 teaching staffers at KCG college, Chennai. KCG College of Technology is an Engineering college in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India and was founded in… Continue Reading →

Providence School, Sharjah

This session was attended by 75 school students on The importance of personality and SEI on student performance.

ADS Auditors, RAK

This session was attended by 25 senior industry officials (mostly auditors) and the session was on The importance of  personality, behaviour and SEI on performance

EMCO Engineering, RAK

This session was conducted for senior officials at EMCO Engineering, RAK on The importance of  personality, behaviour and SEI on performance

PDP Session-1 The impact of attitude, behavior and SEI towards emotional well being (facilitated by Shanthi Rajan)

Healthy workplace and healthy communities are more happier and more productive as they learn to balance their emotional selves. Social + Emotional Intelligence (SEI) is a form of intelligence that drives our success in work and in life and in… Continue Reading →

FDP Session-3 Enhancing Research Excellence (facilitated by Dr. Prakash Vel, Associate Professor at University of Wollongong in Dubai)

The role of teachers in academia is of prime importance. Effective teachers should adopt RITS (Research informed teaching strategy) as opposed to being just research factories or third-party knowledge transporters. To this end, it can be assumed that the need for… Continue Reading →

FDP Session-2 The impact of Curriculum Design (CD) to enhance Student Engagement (SE) (by Shanthi Rajan)

Student Engagement (SE) has become a relevant topic in academic institutions and research in academia identifies the importance of SE with regards to student success and their overall academic achievements. Curriculum and instructional design plays a significant role allowing learners’… Continue Reading →

Fintech Workshop, Stirling, RAK campus

This session was conducted for industry professionals, students and alumni with the focus on keeping abreast the emerging technologies viz-a-viz market trends and consisted of both fundamentals and practical concepts of FinTech technologies and its various applications.

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